Ishihara Test Book - International Edition II

Ishihara's Color perception test charts are recognized internationally as highly reliable method of determining color deficiency.
With normal color perception, the images and numbers will all be visible. Each color test plate in this hard bound.

In this Edition, child's screen added-Borken Ring,
This series of plates is made up of the following 38 plates.
Numerals Plates, No. 1 – No.19
Winding Lines, No.20 – No.31
Broken Rings, No.32 – No.38
The book consists of 5 types of charts
I: Both Normal and Red-green colour deficiencies can indentify Plates
II: Neither Normal or Red-green colour deficiencies can indentify Plates
III: Only Normal can indentify Plates
IV: Only Red-green colour deficiencies can indentify
V: Protanopia/Protanomalia and Deuteranopia/ deuteranomalia Analysis Plates
Numerals and Ring tests result are Primary analysis elements, and winding lines tests to be secondary.

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Ishihara Book 38 Plate International Edition II

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